About Us


The first movie I can remember seeing was Richard Donner’s Superman in 1978, playing at a drive-in in a rural town in Virginia.

That line should tell you 2 things about me: I’m old and I’m country… but watching Christopher Reeve take flight across a giant movie screen adjacent to a cow pasture took my breath away…his flying, not the cow smell..

Some additional things to know: I don’t have a studied background in film and television.. I’m not a writer, producer or actor and I am in no way shape or form affiliated with the movie industry. Most of that will become glaringly apparent should you explore the site more.

I simply LOVE movies.

There are few places that make me happier than a movie theater.

The scope, the sound, the spectacle of it all is welcomingly transporting.

And the truly resounding movies stay with me, viewed multiple times until they become part of my DNA.. and that’s where this site comes in.

A place for me and my like-minded friend Todd to share our thoughts, analysis and history of the movies.

Thanks for joining us!