Giving credit where it’s due

We love the internet as much, if not more, than the next person. There is a mountain of information available at the speed of light and it’s the first source after our brains that we rely on the most here at the pod. It’s possible our brains are second.

That being said, we will do our absolute best to site our sources where we can.

One site we will ALWAYS use is Box Office Mojo. It is THE site we gravitate to for the financial factoids that we present.

We are not sponsored or affiliated in any way with Box Office Mojo but we wouldn’t hesitate to have a partnership with them. They have an excellent service that is easy to use and accurate. We will not be disputing their findings, should there be an issue with the facts… more than likely, it will be our interpretation or extrapolation of the facts that we will need to defend, or more likely, apologize for. For a couple of data nerds, even we get it wrong.

Consider this our overarching source credit to all financials presented in the blog/pod, courtesy of Box Office Mojo.